There are some words from the gnostic books that I want to share with someone. Before I can start to talk about it, I want to tell you how did I know about one color.


 When I was 23 years old in the year of 1993, my spirit told myself that I am one color and I do have a soulmate inside one color which called Goddess. In the other word, we are Goddess and God together inside one color.  From that message by my spirit, I understood that I existed before the creation of the universe. I realized that people, animals, fish, insects and plants are one color too and they also existed before the creation of the universe.


We were the original Creators and always will be. We were all powerful which we created the universe but all perfect pleasures turned into inadequate pleasures, numb and pain therefore we became powerless but we will get healed in the near future then we will save the universe.


After I realized that I am not all colors but one then I decided to do my own research on some books to find out if anyone talk about one color too. I have not found anyone talk about one color except in the gnostic book.


There is one person who talked about one color in the gnostic book which is called gospel of Philip. I think it was from Jesus because he is a very gifted man.  Let me copy the words from the gospel of Philip and paste here for you to read what he said and I will explain what he mean by that. Here it is.............


You see the sun without being the sun,
see sky and earth but are not them.
This is the truth of the world.
In the other truth you are what you see.
If you see spirit, you are spirit.
If you see the father, you will be father.
In this world you see everything but yourself,
but there, you look at yourself and are what you see. 


I think Jesus talked about one color because he said you can not be the sun or universe (sky) or earth.  Since I am one color therefore I can not be the sun or universe or earth or  blood or bones or flesh or anything else. I can see many colors but it will be only from my standpoint of one color. I can see many colors without being them.


He said if you see the spirit or father then you will be the spirit or father. So in the other word, if you can see inside yourself (spirit) who is the one color then you will realize that you are the Creator (father or spirit).  He said that you can see everything around you but yourself. So in the other words you can not see inside yourself (spirit or one color) but someday you will be able to see inside yourself again then you will realize that you are the Creator.  I believe that will happen when all inadequate pleasure, numb and pains turn back to perfect pleasure again. The inadequate pleasure, numb and pain affected the minds of Creators which that is why they are unable to help us. In the other words, we have to wait until the Creators that are inside us get healed then they will open our sights so we can see inside our spirits again.


The gospel of Philip is not included in the new testament of bible.  Maybe some people  rejected this message because they did not want to believe that there were many Creators (Goddesses and Gods) who created the universe.  Also they may not want to talk about the one color.


Although I read some gnostic books but I do not recommend you to believe everything is written in the gnostic books because some of them could be legend or lost in translation 


There is another gnostic book which is called gospel of Thomas. I want to share what I read. I think it was from Jesus. Here it is .......

If your leaders tell you,  Look, the kingdom is in sky,  then the birds will precede you.
If they say to you, it is in the sea
then the fish will precede you.


But the kingdom is inside you


I think he tried to explain that some religious people may say that there is only one Creator in the outer space but he disagreed with them because he believed that the Creator (the kingdom) is inside you. In the other words, we are the Creators inside our one color.


He said birds and fish will precede you if you believe that there is only one Creator. I think he is trying to say that birds and fish did not talk about the Creator who may be in the outer space or other place while the religious people tried to say that there is only one Creator in the outer space instead of inside us. 


 If the religious people are not sure where Creator is then they should remain silent like the birds or fish  



There is a statement from the gospel of Thomas which I think it was from Jesus that I want to share with you.  Here it is....


When you make the two into one,
and when you make the inner like the outer
and the outer like the inner
and the upper like the lower,
and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female.


In the other words, Goddess who is female and God who is male and they are together inside one color. Goddess and God are equal. There are two persons inside one color. They are one color together. Nobody can be all colors but one color.


There is another statement from the gospel of Thomas. Here it is ....

Blessed are the womb which has not conceived and the breasts which have not given milk.


In the other words, Blessed are women who are childless. He was concerned about the overpopulation with lot of sufferings so he wanted to tell women not to have children




















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